Why Stash?

Peace of mind.

The average internet user has over 100 accounts. Stash securely stores all of your usernames and passwords on your card which can only be accessed by you. You will never need to remember a password again.

Log in with ease.

The average person wastes 11+ hours every year on passwords. With Stash, you can log into any account by simply tapping your card to the back of your phone. Stash enters your usernames and passwords for you.

Strong passwords.

80% of hacks are due to people using weak passwords or reusing the same password for multiple accounts. Cybersecurity experts recommend that you use a different, complex password for every account you have. Stash will generate them for you.

Own your data.

No one should have access to your passwords except for you. Not us, not anybody. Stash keeps your passwords out of the cloud and in your hands. Literally.

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