Stash (early-release)

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Stash (early-release)
Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release) Stash (early-release)

Are you frustrated with passwords?

Keep your passwords safe and in your control with Stash.

Stash keeps all of your passwords safely stored on a secure card that can only be accessed by you when you tap the card to the back of your mobile phone.

The Stash app allows you to read the passwords stored on your Stash card but only when you need them.

You need Stash if:

  • You keep track of your passwords by writing them down (in a notebook, on sticky notes, etc.) or by memory. Stash removes the frustration of fumbling through the pages of your notebook or stressing your memory to find the passwords you need. 
  • You want your passwords kept safe and secure. Stash gives you increased security by storing your passwords safely offline on the Stash card. If you are managing your passwords directly on your mobile device right now, that means they are still connected to the internet. Connected = vulnerable. 
  • You use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Stash has a built-in password generator that allows you to create unique, complex passwords for all of your accounts while keeping them safe on the Stash card and removing the need to memorize them.

Do any of the above sound like you? If yes, the Stash card will make your life easier.

Features + Benefits

  • Automatically sign-in to any account on your computer or mobile phone by tapping your Stash card
  • Store up to 400 accounts
  • Built-in password generator (generate passwords up to 128 characters)
  • No batteries or charging devices required
  • Industry standard AES-128 encryption
  • The physical button on the card makes it impossible for a software by-pass
  • Stash uses the same NFC security trusted in tap credit cards but adds built-in RFID shielding
  • Dimensions: Credit card size (Thickness: 2 mm)
  • Patent pending technology
  • 60 day, 100% money back guarantee
  • AVAILABLE IN CANADA ONLY (free shipping)

Order yours today to take advantage of our early-release pricing and let us know how we can continue to make Stash better!

Product Requirements

For use on your mobile phone device, you will need: 

  1. An Android mobile phone device equipped with NFC, and Bluetooth, functionality and Android OS: Kitkat and above. 

(Stash for iPhone coming soon - click here to pre-order)

For use on your computer, you will need both:

  1. An Android mobile phone device equipped with NFC, and Bluetooth, functionality and Android OS: Kitkat and above. (Note: The appropriate mobile phone device is required for you to be able to use Stash with your computer)
  2. A Mac computer with bluetooth functionality and MacOS: El Capitan or above. 

(Windows OS functionality coming soon)