"I no longer have to remember any of my passwords. I just tap my Stash card to the back of my phone and it does the work for me." (5 stars in Google Play store)

– Edwin A.

"Love my Stash card! Finally a way to create secure passwords without having to memorize them all!" (5 stars in Google Play store)

– Beckie E.

Key Features

Tap to login
Store up to 400 accounts
Built-in password generator
AES-128 encryption
NFC security
No battery/charging required
Patent pending technology

Smartphone Requirements

NFC enabled Android equipped with OS: Kitkat or above.


iPhone 7 or newer equipped with iOS 13 or above. (Stash for iPhone is launching 02/20. Pre-order here)

Common Questions

What happens if I lose my Stash card?

Your Stash card is uniquely paired to the Stash app on your smartphone during initial setup and the data on your Stash card is also encrypted. So if you lose your Stash card, your passwords cannot be accessed by anyone else.

What's the difference between the Stash card & the Stash app?

Stash Password Manager is made up of 2 components: The Stash card and the Stash app. 

The Stash card is where your passwords are encrypted and securely stored. The Stash app allows your smartphone to retrieve the specific login credentials from your Stash card for the account you want to access but only when you tap it to the back of your device. When you need to log into an account, you simply tap your Stash card to the back of your phone to sign in. You also have the ability to use the Stash app to view the passwords on your Stash card in the event you need to manually enter them somewhere.

Simply put, the Stash card securely stores your data while the Stash app gives you the ability to access the data on your card.

Can I use Stash with my computer?

The primary use for Stash is with your smartphone but if you need to sign into accounts on your computer, you simply tap your Stash card to your smartphone to view your password and you can type it in manually on your computer.

Although the tap to log in functionality works primarily with your smartphone, we do have an app that will allow you to use Stash with your computer. Watch the demo to see how it works.

A Bluetooth enabled Mac equipped with MacOS: El Capitan or above and Web Browser: Safari or Google Chrome. (Windows OS coming soon)

Note: A compatible smartphone is required for you to be able to use "Stash Connect" with your computer. 

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