We all have too many passwords

Do you re-use passwords so you can remember them?
Are they written on sticky notes at your desk?

Password shortcuts like these make you vulnerable to cyberattacks or identity theft.

Manage your passwords with Stash so you stay safe online.

Remembering your passwords should be easy

Stash app

A simple way to remember your passwords. Securely organize your usernames and passwords and take them everywhere you go. Your passwords are stored on your phone, never on the cloud.

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Looking for advanced security?

Add the StashPass card to your Stash app for the most advanced, offline password management solution available.

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"Stash is making my life so much easier. No more forgetting which password goes to what account. Awesome idea!"

– Tania D.

"Love my Stash. I was looking for a more secure way to store my passwords. It also creates unique strong passwords which is a handy tool as well."

– Mike B.

Proud member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

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