Annoyed with passwords?

Never write down, remember or reset a password again.

Introducing Stash Password Manager

Enjoy Convenience

How do you manage your passwords? In a password book? By memory? Do you save them to your device? So many people are frustrated with these methods because they can’t find their passwords or remember them and ultimately, end up having to reset them. Sound familiar? You are not alone. With Stash, ditch your password book and don't worry about remembering them. Stash Password Manager creates unique, complex passwords for you and stores them on a secure card. It will also store your current passwords. Simply tap your Stash card to your mobile device and log in to any account you want. It’s that easy.

Feel Secure

If you save your passwords on your devices, they aren’t safe. Your devices are connected to the internet which makes them vulnerable. If you keep them in a password book, it can be stolen or looked at by prying eyes. If you memorize them, you are likely using the same easy-to-remember password for multiple accounts, which every Cyber Security expert will tell you is a BIG no-no. With Stash, your passwords can only be accessed by you because your Stash card is uniquely paired with your mobile phone, making it useless to everyone else.

Take Control

With Stash, your passwords stay in your control. We have absolutely no way of accessing them nor does anyone else. Only you. This is what separates Stash Password Manager from the competition. Our patent-pending solution is different because it can’t be accessed through the internet and gives you the functionality, convenience and security you need in a password manager.


Tap to Sign-in

Sign in to any account on your mobile device or computer by tapping your Stash card to your phone.

Password Generator

Stash has a built-in password generator that can create unique, complex passwords up to 128 characters.


Your Stash card uses a button to create an air-gap in the electronics making it physically impossible for a software by-pass giving you confidence you are in control.

RFID Shielding

Stash uses the same NFC security trusted in credit cards but adds built-in RFID shielding.


Industry standard AES-128 encryption is a secondary layer of protection for your Stash card.

No Battery

Most hardware devices require annoying charging cables or batteries, not Stash. Stash doesn't need a battery and it doesn't need to be charged.

Use Stash to sign in on your computer too!

1. Make the request from your computer

2. Accept the request on your mobile device

3. Simply tap your Stash card and you are in

Watch the demo below.


Stash was created because our small family of 5 was trying to manage over 200 passwords. We didn’t trust the online password managers and were tired of writing each password in our little black book. We hope you enjoy the Stash solution as much as we do!

– Jerry Wolverton, CEO & Founder


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