Where do you Stash your passwords?

Password security matters

Enjoy the convenience, add peace of mind


At a time when we want everything connected, should our passwords be? Current password managers store your passwords on an internet connected device (cloud, computer, phone) and are at risk of being hacked. Stash stores all your passwords completely disconnected on your Stash card.


How many accounts do you have? Do you have unique, strong passwords for every account? If not, you are at risk. The average business employee has hundreds of accounts, making it nearly impossible to properly manage them without help. Stash makes it easy to have unique, strong passwords for all your accounts. Protecting yourself should be easy.


We get it, it’s hard to know who to trust in the digital world. No one knows where the next big security breach will happen. Rest assured that your passwords are in your control and cannot be accessed through the internet. This is what sets Stash apart from the competition. Our patent-pending solution is different because it’s disconnected but still gives you all the automation you want in a password manager. Automatically sign in to any account on your computer. Instantly recall any username and password. Create new randomized passwords with our built in password generator.

Stash is easy to use!

Sign in to any account on your computer:

1. Make request from computer

2. Accept request on Android* phone

3. Press button and tap Stash card to phone

A password manager for today's demands


Your Stash card uses a button to create an air-gap in the electronics making it physically impossible for a software by-pass giving you confidence you are in control.

Tap to sign in

Automatically sign in to any account on your computer by tapping your Stash card to your phone.

RFID shielding

Stash uses the same NFC security trusted in tap credit cards but adds built in RFID shielding.

Password generation

When you need to create a new account or update an old account, don't sweat it.  Stash can generate a new complex password for you and keep it safe for when you need it again.


Industry standard AES-128 encryption is a secondary layer of protection for your Stash card.

No battery

Most hardware devices require those annoying charging cables or the need to change batteries, but not with Stash.  There is no battery!


Stash was created because our small family of 5 was trying to manage over 200 passwords. We didn’t trust the online password managers and were tired of writing each password in our little black book. We hope you enjoy the Stash solution as much as we do!

– Jerry Wolverton, Stash Founder


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